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About: This is our attempt at embracing different cultures and spreading awareness for socioeconomic equality and welfare in third world and developing countries at North Carolina State University!

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What color Kanthari are you?

A vision can grow and a name can change. IISE becomes Kanthari.

For the last three years, we have been known as the International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE). This name was not only too long, but also a bit misleading. People only saw us as a social business school or a training centre for leadership with a social touch. But aren’t we much more than this?

Our target group is evolving and growing, so we are evolving and growing.

The term “social entrepreneurs” no longer covers all the flavours of useful change makers. We welcome courageous advocates, provocative initiators, creative inventors, social visionaries and artists who want to leave a social impact. We see ourselves as a springboard for provocative thinkers and driven doers, for those who have fire in the belly and want to bring spice into society!”


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